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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 08:14:03 MDT wrote:
> I don't know where this discussion came from and only had time to quickly
> skim it on this busy morning, but the idea that extropianism is "right wing"
> in the sense that that term is usually used in popular discourse is just
> plain wrong. The idea that it is anti-Semitic is so absurd that I can't
> imagine anyone coming to such a conclusion.

It comes from leftist/socialist jews who can't imagine the thought of a jew not
being leftist/socialist, so they automatically assume that anyone or any opinion
that seems conservative or anti-socialist is automatically anti-semitic. Its the
old 'if you're not for us, youre against us' routine. It is fairly endemic, esp
among the PC enforcement types. Its much like statements I've seen from gay
activists that if you aren't gay, you are a homophobe, or from feminists
claiming that a male feminist is an oxymoron (Despite the fact of Alan Alda).

Such illogic also is extended to historical revisionism, such as claiming that
the Nazi Party was not socialist, despite their name being the National
Socialist Workers Party. Its granted that among socialist groups, they could be
considered right wing socialists, but their being right wing due to their
nationalism and bigotry does not prevent them from being socialists
economically. Those that try to claim this anyways are of course the
International Socialists, who can't imagine a socialist not being an
internationalist as well, or as is being presently waged out on
alt.society.anarchy, and other anarchist newsgroups, anarcho-socialists are
trying to claim that true anarchists are socialists, and that anarcho-capitalism
is an oxymoron, etc.

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