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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 08:00:32 MDT

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> Spike Jones wrote:
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> > Question legal types: if we extropians were the first to land and
> > stay on Mars, could we legally claim the whole rock? spike
> You could try, but the Outer Space treaty prohibits extraterrestrial
> claims, and signatory nations would not recognize such claims. Bottom
> line is, you'd have to be ready to survive an embargo. Conversely, it's
> a great big commons that you're free to rape- materials extracted would
> be yours, ya just can't claim real estate. When the time comes, this
> treaty could be renegotiated or abrogated, of course.

I'll check in more detail to confimr this, but I think the treaty only
prohibits national claims of SOVEREIGNTY. The issue of private OWNERSHIP is
left untouched, although, naturally, most conventional-minded lawyers assume
"no sovereignty" = "no property", since they identify property with the state.

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