Re: What's up with Crit

From: Chris Hibbert (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 23:49:13 MDT

Ping is away from his email, though he should be back shortly. (The
announced return time was this week, but he may be buried in email.) I
don't know what address you should use for support on crit, and I haven't
installed it anywhere myself.


> From: "Gina Miller" <>
> I know it was down a few days ago. I'm not current with what is happening
> now.The guy who invented Crit is Ka-Ping Yee, you may want to try emailing
> him
> at:primary email: or secondary:
> Alex wrote:
> > Is there anybody out there who knows what's going on with Crit?
> > Their mailing list handler is bouncing my subscription requests,
> > and the links to the mailing list archives on are
> > all broken. Does anybody know what, if any, is the current address
> > of the Crit-help mailing list? Although, I'd settle for an email
> > from somebody who's installed Crit in CGI mode so I could ask that
> > person something that's probably a relatively simple question.

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