Re: SPACE: rumors

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 23:33:26 MDT wrote:

> I saw a report this morning that the NASA announcement was scheduled for
> today. Did someone get the day of the week right and the day of the month
> wrong or has the announcement date been changed. Ron H.

It was originally scheduled for a week for today, but they moved
it to this morning because of all the silliness that was going around.
Now of course, I *like* silliness, but on certain topics, such as Mars
colonization, the bullshit stops.

I stood with about a dozen Lockmart engineers watching the briefing
this morning. It was one of the most exciting newscasts I have
experienced in my life. OK, there is evidently water there, there
is plenty of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen. Recall the CHON rule:
for life as we know it, we need carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
at least. Lets goooooooooo!

Question legal types: if we extropians were the first to land and
stay on Mars, could we legally claim the whole rock? spike

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