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Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 15:01:42 MDT

>From: Anders Sandberg <>
>Subject: Re: What is the best place in the world to live? Re: AW: AW: crime
>in big cities and Europe
>Date: 22 Jun 2000 00:23:09 +0200
>"\[ Robert-Coyote \]" <> writes:
> > Do we need to qualify our choice of with a number of variables ?
> >
> > how's this for a start...
> >
> > close enough to a trauma center
> > close enough to a cryonics facility
> > a legal venue providing for obtainable life extending services and
> > substances
> >
> > low ambient radiation (radon, ultraviolet, etc.)
> > practical commuting distance to sustain an adequate income (if that is
> > necessary for how one creates wealth)
> >
> > Location provides efficient means to access new life extending
> > (i.e. internet)
> >
> > anything else ?
>It seems that your criteria are mainly about avoiding death well
>rather than living well. While the above are certainly a big plus for
>any location, it would hardly be the central issues if I wanted to
>move anywhere. My list of criteria would instead center around the
>density of interesting people, information sources and events in the
>vicinity. "Best" is after all a highly subjective thing.
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I agree with Anders.
It is a bit sad to see many of the answers on this post. Most seem to want
to live in some sort of a bunker, a desperately "safe" existence. But such
safety cannot be achieved in an open society, that I dream of, and I
seriously doubt that it would benefit transhumanism to have a "techno-
survivalist" frame of mind..

I dream of a society that dares to take risks go gain greater benefits. If I
should choose a country it would be the world. An open world, both in the
minds of its inhabitants and of borders, giving the freedom of enterprise to
all. Where cultures and ideas intermingle freely, and create new
opportunities. Sure, some places today are better than other, but just
relatively speaking (Sweden is better than Iraq;-).
But I don't just want a relatively better world, I want a quantitatively
better world.

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