Re: First-date Intellectual Dazzlement

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 21:17:26 MDT

Amara Graps wrote:
> >> Why not plant seeds and observe (really observe) and ask questions
> >> here and there and see where they lead?
> >
> >Hmm. We must be interacting with different classes of people.
> Perhaps. However, at least you are interacting with those that
> speak the same language as you!

Technically. Though sometimes I have to be careful about the jargon.

(I suspect this trait may have rubbed off on a software program I
wrote for work. Just recently, my co-workers had to classify "British"
as a different language on the level of "German" versus "English" in one
of the user interfaces it maintains, because of all the different
formatting and slang conventions.)

> (And planting seeds is fun.)

<gets mental image of planting "dates", then tending the garden for 18+

> You see, it could be worse, Adrian... you could be a fly!
> <-- click here to know what I mean :-)

I could be a fly dating a spider that just looked like a fly, with my
luck on that front. At least I wouldn't be looking for lips in that
case. ^_^;

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