AW: crime in big cities and Europe

From: Karsten Baender (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 18:00:04 MDT

> It's not so much the first wave of immigrants that's the problem as their
> offspring. /They/ haven't witnessed the poverty of their parents'
> homeland;
> they just know that they are at the bottom of their society with
> little hope
> of moving up. That breeds frustration, envy, hatred and
> ultimately...violence.
> >>Your country was *built* by people like that.<<

Well, the problem is that hundred years ago, lack of skill was not such a
great problem like it is now. We have about the same problem here in
Germany, with an almost uncontrolled immigration. Most of those who come are
unskilled. Many of them come from the Near East, and many of those are
Muslims, and the big difference between the Christian religion and the
Muslims is the fact that we had our Renaissance. They are still in the
middle-ages. The cultural difference will pose a greater threat to our
country than most people realize. Instead, some "multi-cultural" fanatics
tell us that everything will be much better if we let all them in.

The second-generation immigrants are neither accepted by their own kin nor
by the Germans. They lost their roots and are unable to adapt to our world.
This in turn breeds frustration. And frustration leads to anger. Anger leads
to hate. And hate leads to the dark side ... oh, well, to violence. We
already have some places which are in much way similar to Ghettos ins the

> It wasn't built by people from the 3rd world, but by (mostly)
> Europeans. That
> makes a lot of difference. Had immigration patterns been from the very
> beginning like they have been during the last 30 years, the US
> /would/ now be
> 3rd world nation.

There is a German author who once stated that if the Immigrants from Europe
behaved in the US like they behaved in Africa, the US would now be a 3rd
world country. Although it might be a little bit racist and in any case
cynical to say that the US had the advantage of radically diminishing the
natives population to a number that was no threat, I think that he is quite
right. And no, this author is not a nazi, he's from the postwar generation.

> >>That you have the gall to
> want to shut them out says more about your own inadequacy than anything
> else I could write.<<
> What a load of bull. No offence, but you, sir, have your head up your ass.

Well, perhaps we should demonstrate our cultural superiority by remaining
polite, wouldn't that be a lot wiser. Let's stic to the facts and not get
personal. After all, we're all intelligent enough to discuss things in a
serious way.


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