Re: crime in big cities and Europe

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 01:13:27 MDT

> > Open borders for TRADE are a bedrock of a free market economy. The existing
> > members of a free market economy should also have the ability to control the
> > quality of life in their communities. If people living elsewhere want a high
> > quality of life like we do, then they should work to recreate our success where
> > they are at.
> Y'know, you sound awfully like Leonid Brezhnev at times, Michael.
> Yes, I agree they need to re-engineer their society. But don't you think
> it's kind of un-libertarian to insist that po' folks stay where they
> are and don't come and annoy us rich peeps by trying to take all our
> minimum-wage jobs, in the name of bettering themselves?

It's not just "kind of" un-libertarian, it's quite explicitly so.
Not to rehash the old argument about what constitutes a "true"
[E/e]xtropian/[L/l]ibertarian, but "open borders" is about as much
a defining feature of libertarian thought as any, and a clear and
unambiguous part of the LP platform. It's not even one of those
issues that we avoid like the death penalty or IP law because the
position isn't clear.

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