Re: uploaded Amish (a streetfight I nearly got into)

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 15:30:08 MDT

 Mike Lorrey wrote:
>My method of giving the finger is to take out as many of the bad guys as I can
>before they get me. If there is a heaven and a hell, I'm taking as big an honor
>guard as I can with me when I go, if there isn't, I'll make sure the bad guys
>understand that enslavement can get very expensive, right from the start.

And any "smart" group of bad guys would not want to pay the price you would make them. Bullies and thugs love to pick on those weaker than themselves, but usually quickly knuckle under when faced even with someone who is simply close to being their equal and willing to fight back and hurt them. That is what is so detestable about them.

Last summer while riding my bicycle to visit a friend I encountered a woman running in a disturbed state. I asked her what was wrong and she nervously said "nothing". Than I noticed a guy leisurely walking far behind her who began to shout at me threateningly.

I stayed since she was frightened and he went nose to nose with me threatening to beat the crap out of me. I asked him repeatedly what kind of a man gets his kicks out of scaring a woman. I was very scared because though he was a head shorter than me he was at least fifty pounds heavier and very muscular.

We were like two dogs squaring off and he stared me in the eye for several minutes looking for weakness. I was very frightened but also very defiant and not willing to let him bully me or her. The woman begged him to leave me alone and come with her. I ran over in my head some moves a friend had taught me on taking out much stronger opponents. I am not very strong or tough but I would not go down without a fight.

Finally he took a step closer to see if I would flinch but I did not and instead drilled my stare right through him. At that point he began to back pedal and say how lucky I was that he did not kick my ass. He and the poor woman left. I probably should have called the police but I did not.

While the whole thing happened(next to a major road) cars streamed by but there were no pedestrians. If a fight had started, someone might have called the police on their car's cell phone...

It was eerie at the age of thirty-two getting into a situation like that. The last time was in highschool! I told my friends about it and they said they wished we had all been there to put him in his place and get the police involved.

After that frightening experience I should probably pursue some martial arts and weight training just in case I am not so lucky the next time. Riding a bicycle alot, I see situations people in cars just pass by, probably not noticing.

I was bullied alot in school and simply took it, but seeing that women in need brought something out in me.


John Grigg

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