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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 15:55:10 MDT

On 20 Jun 2000 21:47:34 +0200 Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
>Just a few brief notes, Im busy with a conference on computational
>biology, writing papers and generally enjoying myself.
>Today there was a fun talk about genetic databases in virtual reality
>by Igor Rojdetsvenski. Nothing truly new (information spaces are old
>hat), but nice to see in reality. It can be tested at
> It is rather fun to walk around among the
>protein sequences, and there are some clever tricks to visualise how
>well established data are.
>Last issue (June 20) of Proceedings of the National Academy of
>Sciences had some very nice news:
>Aryeh Routtenberg, Isabel Cantallops, Sal Zaffuto, Peter Serrano, and
>Uk Namgung Enhanced learning after genetic overexpression of a brain
>growth protein PNAS 2000 97: 7657-7662.
>They showed that by overexpressing the protein GAP-43 (an axonal
>protein kinase) they could get a strong enhancement of spatial and
>working memory in modified mice. The Doogie mice have company :-)
>What makes things so fun is another article in the same issue:
>Ningya Shi and William M. Pardridge, Noninvasive gene targeting to the
>brain PNAS 2000 97: 7567-7572
>They have developed a method to get genes into the brain without
>having to open it up or do other invasive stuff. By putting the
>plasmid with the gene inside a neutral pegylated immunoliposome linked
>to a transferrin molecule telling the epithelial cells to carry it
>across the blood-brain barrier, it can be put into the brain where it
>is expressed.
>See the link? Who wants to try first? :-)

OOOhhh, OOOhhhh, Me, Me!!!
I'll Try it, I believe in experimenting with my brain for fun and profit.

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