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> Your attitudes only make sense it you postulate a life of infinite value
> given
> cryonics success. If you don't estimate a life of infinite duration, or if
> your values assign diminishing returns to long life, such as via
> the future, then the probability of success matters.
> Let me illustrate with a calculation. A typical value of life-year is
> twice a yearly income. For a yearly income of $50K, this is $100K/yr,
> at a 2.5% discount rate gives you a value of life forever of $4M, and $2M
> for living thirty years more. These are the sorts of ballpark numbers
> health economists use to make sense of observed choices between money and
> risk of death in cars, jobs, etc.
> If cryonics suspension costs $100K, the forever, using the above numbers
> it wouldn't make sense unless there was a 2.5% chance of it making you
> life forever, or a 5% chance of making you live thirty years.

Robin, just in case you were wondering why economics is called "the dismal
science", re-read that . . . .

Just kidding.

Sort of.

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