Re: soccer violence as a model for post-scarcity gesellschaft

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> Well, that's a relief. And here I was supposing that I'd drawn attention,
> by analogy, to something deeply worrying about a future where, say,
> nanotech minting provides much of the essentials of life very cheap or
> free, where AI displaces most of the brain-based jobs, and where many
> healthy young people will be stressed by the lack of extrinsic meaning in
> their otherwise comfortable lives.

I see the point of your question, Damien, but many on the List here may have
a hard time grasping the issue on an emotional level, because I think most of
us can't imagine the situation you describe as being anything but liberating:
We don't have nearly enough time or resources to do the things we want to do.
 Not HAVING to work at a job to meet our basic physical needs and having our
basic health and longevity something we could take for granted would only be
a good thing, right? Or so most of us probably feel. I think your point is
well taken, Damien, that many people might not share that reaction and we
might begin to question it as well, after a few thousand years in paradise.

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