Re: soccer violence as a model for post-scarcity gesellschaft

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> New York fans are considered the rudest and most offensive fans in the US (I
> recall all the Mariners/Yankees playoffs games I went to a 5 years ago,
> where
> New York fans were throwing garbage on the outfield..The Seattle fans
> to
> go out and sort it for recycling...;) ), so if you were amazed at the
> on
> at a New York game, then you would be stunned at a major league game in
> other cities.

I have to escort clients to ball games as part of my business (it wouldn't be
work if I was much of a fan, which I am not). I've taken a lot of non-US
folks to Astros (baseball) games here in Houston and almost always get the
same reaction: Amazement at the civility of the crowds. I remember one Brit
telling me how shocked he was to see families at the game with small children.

As to the rest of your post, Mike, I'll reiterate what I've said before about
the level of violence in the US: Most non-US folks have a wildly inflated
idea of the level of violence here, based on our movies and the filter of our
own "news" media, re-amplified by the local media in their own country who
further blow the violence here out of proportion. I've had many fairly comic
moments as a regular host of non-Americans on their first trips to the US,
watching as they look for the burning buildings from the "annual riots", the
running gun battles in the streets and the uninterrupted cross-country high
speed car chases . . . they seem a little disappointed, I think, when it all
turns out to be a glamorous exaggeration.

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