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From: Terry W. Colvin (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 14:23:09 MDT

I thought we can only evaluate
an experiment in a scientific sense
if the (starting) conditions suggested
by the theory were set.

As we know, this was not the case,
Marx recommended 1. the economically,
technologically most developed
countries that were producing goods
in abundance 2. Countries with
reasonable standard of literacy and
some experience in (bourgois) democracy.

The failure was not due to "communism"
but to its absence.

So this is the usual ignorant and crappie
strawman propaganda, and I won't join Forteana
to put them right... but Terry - pass this on,
I'm sure it is off-topic there, too, but if anyone
wants a (decent!) argument, you may pass my email

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Eva (

> -----------------
> Karl Marx claimed that communism was a scientific theory. As such, it must
> be testable, right? If communism in practice during the 20th century is
> considered as a series of experiments with known results and consequences,
> it has been a catastrophic failure. It has not delivered the propserity,
> freedom or transformation of man that it predicted. Therefore,
> scientifically, Marxism is bunk.
> Regards,
> Michael LaTorra
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