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Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 14:18:56 MDT

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>> Unfortunately in a country with a bad government, a poor
>>economic system, and high infant mortality having many children
>>may be the only answer to having someone to care for you in your
>>old age.

>Neither "a government" nor "an economic system" is an entity
>capable of holding beliefs, making decisions, or acting.
>Individual people believe, decide, and act.

Governments do determine the economic system. Are you really trying
to say governments don't make decisions and act on them?

>The poor women I know who have more children than they're able to
>take care of certainly didn't get pregnant time after time after
>time in order to have someone to take care of them in their old
>age. Many of them were forced by their husbands to have sex when
>they didn't want to(and when they went to the priest to ask for
>advice, they were told to go home to their husbands and be good
>wives), and were prevented from using contraceptives or getting
>abortions by people employed by the Catholic church and various
>governmental entities.

I was refering to ethnobiographical data from India/Pakistan. The
situation of your Mexican friends appears to be different.

People who allow religion into their lives face the consequences.

>> Excuse me, this is most certainly NOT a definition of Fascism.
>> You are confusing government corruption and the actions of
>> greedy people, with capitalism.

>This is the way it was in Germany & Italy in the 1930's and
>1940's, and their form of economic/political system was referred
>to as fascist. This is why I defined the term in that way. The
>U.S. is going farther down that same road every day.

Fascism: a system of government characterized by dictatorship,
belligerent nationalism, and racism, militarism, etc: first
instituted in Italy.

Don't see a fit.

>> What kind of government you have will determine what kind of
>> economic system you have. Capitalism is an economic system, NOT
>> a form of government.

>I don't understand what you mean in the above 2 sentences. Could
>you clarify, please?

The opposite of Communism is not Democracy as I often hear on T.V,
the opposite of Communism is Capitalism. The opposite of Democracy
is Totalitarianism.

There are no totalitarian/capitalist societies, nor any democratic/
communist ones either.


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