Re: Nature defines transhumanist

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 14:22:11 MDT

Chimera wrote:
> At 09:35 15-06-00 -0900, John Grigg wrote:
> >>So let me get this right, the author was saying transhumanists are a bunch
> of science groupies??<<
> I think the term he used was "unwanted baggage". So I guess we should now call
> ourselves "Unwanted Baggagist", or maybe "Deadweights" (sounds better, huh?)

Actually, I think "Extinctionistas" has a cool but nicely dangerous sound to
it... nobody wants to mess with an "Extinctionista"...

> >>Is Drexler our Elvis or Paul McCartney?<<
> He's, like, our Jesus, man...

Well, Tim Leary Died (John the baptist), Drexler is merely an apostle, Peter,
the rock of diamondoid on which the church shall be built. Max is the HRHJC
hizzoner, while Natasha is the Magdalene...

> >>I'm glad to see the author admits nanotech is taking off now. I still
> remember the infamous _Scientific American_ article that slammed nanotech
> believers as a "cargo cult."<<
> Who cares; the world is gonna be eaten by goo whether they give nano due
> credit or not.

Grey goo is the serpent in the desert, promising much but bringing damnation to
those tempted to be careless...

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