Re: Nature defines transhumanist

From: Chimera (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 13:46:46 MDT

At 09:35 15-06-00 -0900, John Grigg wrote:

>>So let me get this right, the author was saying transhumanists are a bunch
of science groupies??<<

I think the term he used was "unwanted baggage". So I guess we should now call
ourselves "Unwanted Baggagist", or maybe "Deadweights" (sounds better, huh?)

>>Is Drexler our Elvis or Paul McCartney?<<

He's, like, our Jesus, man...

>>I'm glad to see the author admits nanotech is taking off now. I still
remember the infamous _Scientific American_ article that slammed nanotech
believers as a "cargo cult."<<

Who cares; the world is gonna be eaten by goo whether they give nano due
credit or not.

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