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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 13:09:23 MDT

From: "Zero Powers" <>

>>Besides you can practice "enlightened self-interest" as a good
>>Capitalist. If you live below your means (my new lifestyle) and
>>sack the rest away in good investments, you can play
>>philantropist to your hearts content.

>Yes I can (and I do), but the burden on my charity would be
>lessened significantly if *everyone* who had more than he needed
>tried to spread the wealth as well.

>>Actually I think the World Game folks have demonstrated that
>>there is enough to go around for everyone to die of gluttony. It
>>is economic practices that hamper sufficient re-distribution.

>"Enough to go around" means more than just a bowl of rice or
>porage. It means adequate housing, education, health care,
>security -- essentially quality of life befitting a human.

Enough to die of gluttony imply's considerably more than a bowl of

Capitalism provides a better "quality of life befitting a human"
for more of a societies members than any other system yet tried.

Look, everyone goes through a "socialist" phase, I did to. But the
reality is it doesn't work unless you put a gun to peoples heads.
After a good taste of capitalism socialism won't do except for
those who have a "perfectly good reason" why they won't pull their
own weight.


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