Re: Commie Nonsense

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 17:29:00 MDT

>From: Brian D Williams <>

>Look, everyone goes through a "socialist" phase, I did to. But the
>reality is it doesn't work unless you put a gun to peoples heads.
>After a good taste of capitalism socialism won't do except for
>those who have a "perfectly good reason" why they won't pull their
>own weight.

I'm not saying communism has worked in the past. I'm not saying it works in
the present. I'm saying that it has possibilities for the future,
especially if/when material wealth becomes equivolent to information.

I'm a willing capitalist now. But there are many in our society who don't
have my luck and/or ability. Some of them live at a level of subsistence
which IMO is beneath that fit for a human. That saddens me. I believe that
someday we'll be able to do better. That's *all* I was saying.


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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