Re: FWD (TLCB) Re: NMD [Addendum]

From: eugene.leitl (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 21:45:29 MDT

On 15 Jun 2000, John Calvin wrote:
> I'm not certain where you read that anything would require nukes to
> generate a magnetic field. Certainly not in my response to Mike
> above, the word nuke is not even mentioned. The simple fact is that

Gee, I thought we were discussing sneaking in smart nuke buoys, using
passive stream transport.

> anything with metal or electronics has a detectable magnetic field.
> Large seagoing vessels can have a Magnetic "Signature".

The point is "large" and "ferromagnetic". A nuke needs not to be large,
nor ferromangnetic, nor burn more than a few W in the dormant state.

> Using a
> >liquid-filled blimp, one can create a buoy almost without any
> >signature. The water is a good shield, so you can make the warhead
> >very light.
> >
> Water is not all that good of a shield. FYI there are Magnetic mines

Water is a free radioactivity/EM shield, and good enough to be used for
hot nuclear ash in relatively shallow pools.

> that can be set to a specific signature type.

I believe you, but if your signature disappears in background noise,
you're screwed.

Unless you do it "hunting for lions in the Sahara with sieves" style, this
is not going to be a reliable intercept.

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