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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 20:42:50 MDT

No, no, no, Damien! The only reason I brought up Lee's comment was to
illustrate a general attitude towards "tree huggers," and to deduce from
this that when Harvey referred to (or whatever the
person's e-mail addy was) as an environmentalist type, he was judging the
person unfavorably based on a small amount of misinterpreted evidence. I
wasn't criticizing Lee's comment. I thought it spoke very well for itself.


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At 01:25 AM 13/06/00 -0500, Bonnie wrote:

>Hey, most of the people on this list seem to be fairly intelligent; so why
>do you leap to unwarranted conclusions? This is not a rhetorical question.
>I'm truly curious.

erm... Bonnie, you've done it yourself here (sort of).

Lee was responding* to QueeneMuse responding to Mike Lorrey telling The
Extrope Boyz the best place to get laid by grrls of like mind. The whole
thing got ugly and tangled very quickly, but Lee was positing a broad
generalisation, not pillorying any particular person.


*in a way I happened to find pretty offensive myself, FWIW (not much)

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