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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 20:33:03 MDT

Everitt Mickey wrote:
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> Michael S. Lorrey is reputed to have said...
> "Lesson three: buy used equipment when you can, "
> I regret that I must disagree. My experience is wit...I
> own a small business...that is...I am an Owner Operator (trucker)....I'm on
> my first new truck...third truck first one was a "fleet
> truck"....with 500K miles on it when i bought second one was a MUCH
> nicer and better equiped "owner-op" truck..but still used with "300K"...
> Both required approximately a thousand a month in maint. expense....
> My current truck I spec'd myself and purchased new....LOTS of
>'s not costing near that in maint.....(naturally I'm VERY
> serious about Preventative Maint....)...
> So....although Mike is probably right experience adds a
> qualifier...."it depends"....on the biz...on the conditions....etc...

Sure, but how much did you pay for the different trucks? Are your
maintenance savings more than your increased finance payments, interest,
etc.? Do you need more insurance, or higher premiums?

There is a problem you deal with in knowing what you are buying, and
from my own experience with vehicles, its easy for someone to slip you a
mickey with a vehicle, while is much more difficult with computer
equipment (either it does what its supposed to or it doesn't). Many
people here on the list know that I did not have the best experience
with the used Jeep Cherokee I bought. I basically got hosed. However,
I'm now to the point where the money it has cost me so far is now less
than what a new one would have cost me for the same utility. This is the
first time I've ever gotten a bad deal on a used vehicle, and I've owned
four different used vehicles prior to this (this is the second I've
bought from a dealer).


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