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> > How far can a (many) kilo(mega?) watt "lazer-burst" reach when fired from
> an
> > aircraft at hi altitude?
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> I think the 747 borne Laser tested in the 80's had an effective range of
> around 13 miles (maybe way off, it was a while ago). The laser was dispersed
> by atmosperic particals so the Star Wars project was born which wouldnt be
> effected by the atmosphere.
> I'm sure someone on the list will know an equation for calculating laser
> ranges in air for varying power levels.
> I have been thinking along the same lines about an anti ICBM Rail gun.
> The problem is not the weapon, its the targeting. So I would go for the
> shotgun "Big Spread" approach firing muliple rounds once. Very similar to a
> shotgun round. Im sure that these type of rounds are already being developed
> as anti infantry or aircraft ammo for rail gun tanks.

A variant of the Phalanx gun was developed for terminal interception,
basically 20k to 80k feet, as I recall, that would put up a wall of
steel in the path of a warhead. It was meant to be sited within several
hundred yards of the warhead's target, typically missile silos or
military bases.

I wonder why larger guns have not been made with more intelligent guided
munitions. You can't beat the acceleration, probably better than THAAD,
and if the shell has its own upper stage and maneuvering thrusters with
a guidance system and a fragmentation warhead, ..... ought to be more
reliable and less expensive than a missile system.

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