Re: Are you an extropian? Re: Voluntary simplicity

Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 08:31:30 MDT

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> Over the years we've seen many distinct expressions of extropianism.
> seen that some people are more interested in "inner development", while
> others are drawn to the social implications of our values. Some people
> drawn to the technological instrumentalities of our growth and change,
> others are preoccupied with the abstract refinement of the goals we seek.
> It's a testimony to the core value of our values, so to speak, that we
> seen such a growth in diversity in the legitimate expression of our ideals.

That was a very good post, and shows the wisdom of someone who has spent a
lot of time withboth the ideals and the personalities of the "collection" of
people that Max's publications and events draw.

I remember once witnessing an argument between two "big E" extropians - one
who believed that education was a higher goal and one who thought finacial
success was more important.
Both are

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