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> 1) The authors measured messenger RNA levels in actively
> dividing fibroblasts isolated from young, middle-age, and old-age
> humans and humans with progeria. Messenger RNA levels were
> analyzed with high-density *oligonucleotide arrays containing
> probes for more than 6000 known human genes.
> 2) The authors report their results suggest that an altered
> expression profile of genes involved in mitosis occurs with age,
> and that these changes result in increased rates of *somatic
> mutation, leading to numerical and structural *chromosome
> aberrations and mutations that manifest themselves as an aging
> phenotype.
> 3) The authors suggest that these chromosome pathologies,
> which begin to occur in dividing cells relatively early in life
> (but in the postreproductive stage), may lead to misregulation of
> key structural, signaling, and metabolic genes associated with
> the aging phenotype, such as the apparent misregulations
> characteristic of *osteoporosis, *Alzheimer's disease,
> *arthritis, etc. Misregulation of this sort is expected to
> increase in each round of cell division, and it may be propagated
> to other normal mitotic cells (e.g., *leukocytes, *epithelial
> cells, *glial cells, etc.) and postmitotic cells (e.g., neurons,
> muscles, etc.) through changes in the *extracellular matrix and
> oxidized fatty acid derivatives that affect signaling pathways.
> Aging, the authors suggest, may therefore occur gradually and in
> mosaic patterns, rather than as a uniform phenomenon
> characteristic of cancerous growth (which is clonal -- deriving
> from a single mutated progenitor cell)

This seems to be a very fruitful line of research that may lead to a good
insight consistent with the common sense experience of aging as a
deterioration of many bodily functions and structures on a broad front at
different rates. Assuming this is borne out, what kinds of strategies to
combat this phenomena occurr to our resident biomed experts?

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