Re: Extropian Principles

From: Emlyn \(hotmail\) (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 21:35:14 MDT

> I don't buy the theory that population has driven the invention of new
> technologies of food production, though population pressure has surely
> driven the spread of technology. Starving people don't typically invent
> technologies.

What I should have said was that these technologies existed long before they
were taken up; technology has driven the uptake of tech, not invention
itself. Yes. What you said.

What's a more important yardstick? Invention or uptake?

> One of the principles I work by is the following: "The yield of a system
> theoretically unlimited. The only limit on the number of uses of a
> possible within a system is in the limit of the information and the
> imagination of the designer."
> Bonnie

I like your work.


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