Re: Extropian Principles

Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 11:56:10 MDT

This sounds fascinating to me. Are you working on 'synthetic photosyntheis'
or biomass gasification? Can humankind and robot-kind produce enough fuel to
power civilization? Is there a theoretical limit on what can be gleaned from
solar radiation and converted to hydrogen or hydrocarbon?

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<< Emlyn, what I'm working on are food production methods that are driven by
 direct solar energy rather than any sort of oxidation process, whether it be
 the burning of fossil fuel, alcohol, or glucose (in human or animal
 muscles). I don't see any point in burning petroleum when there are so many
 other and more interesting uses for it. Nor do I see any reason to do more
 work than necessary. (When I say direct use of solar energy, I mean the
 storage of solar energy via photosynthesis.)
 I don't buy the theory that population has driven the invention of new
 technologies of food production, though population pressure has surely
 driven the spread of technology. Starving people don't typically invent new
 technologies. >>

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