Re: >Slogans (was Re: Extropian principles, let's have a look)

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 20:57:36 MDT

--- Max More wrote:
> > I used to have "Boundless Expansion". A number of
> > people didn't like that, thinking that it gave the

> > impression that we wanted to "pave over the
> > universe". "Expansion" or "unfolding" (thought the

> > latter I don't like as much) *does* more clearly
> > convey multiple paths, or diverse *ways* of making
> > progress. But then how to avoid the "paving over"
> > (and perhaps imperialist) connotations of
> > "expansion"?
> > Suggestions welcome!

--- wrote:
> Let's look for some more adjectives (phrases really)
> that might be less alarming-sounding. Inhabiting the

> Big Empty of the Solar System? Eternal Traveling?
> Eternal Journeying? Extending Life beyond earth,
> Extending the Human Endevour (tip o' the hat to Carl

> Sagan), Soaring the human spirit, blah blah blah...

> An advertising copywriter I ain't. Greening the
> Galaxy? Tending the gardens of cyberspace? Enabling
> the domain of life?

"Furthering life"?
Ah... "Furthering life to its greatest potential, and

Just my spare change :)

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