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<< I used to have "Boundless Expansion". A
 number of people didn't like that, thinking that it gaving the impression
 that we wanted to "pave over the universe". "Expansion" or "unfolding"
 (thought the latter I don't like as much) *does* more clearly convey
 multiple paths, or diverse *ways* of making progress. But then how to avoid
 the "paving over" (and perhaps imperialist) connotations of "expansion"?
 Suggestions welcome!
 Max More, Ph.D.
 President, Extropy Institute. www.extropy.org
 CEO, MoreLogic Solutions. www.maxmore.com >>
Let's look for some more adjectives (phrases really) that might be less
alarming-sounding. Inhabiting the Big Empty of the Solar System? Eternal
Eternal Journeying? Extending Life beyond earth, Extending the Human Endevour
(tip o' the hat to Carl Sagan), Soaring the human spirit, blah blah blah...
An advertising copywriter I ain't. Greening the Galaxy? Tending the gardens
of cyberspace? Enabling the domain of life?

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