Newbies (and memory storage needs for an upload)

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 15:30:19 MDT wrote:
> BUT:
> I started the whole thing for one reason: Why would you tell a sweet person
> like Bonnie, who is new, and learning, and expressing herself, that she
> should LURK?
> Hey, thats like saying she isn't welcome to post here until she "does some
> more homework".
> Queen Watchdog.

I don't want to get into a newbies vs. the old codgers thread. There have
been discussions before about restricting posting to only ExI members,
but that was shot down in favor of making the nodes. I would just point
out that recently someone posted a list of people who used to be on the list-
where did they go and more importantly why? There certainly are two things
I can think of, both of which are helped by cutting down on newbie posts:
endless rehashing of previous discussions, and overall too many posts per
day on the list for some people to be able to digest. We can go on and on
that people should use better email readers with killfiles, etc. etc. You
can if you want to. I just wanted get this off my chest.

P.S. I did not intend to mean that she should _only_ lurk. In fact I think
     I encouraged her to ask questions.

P.P.S. regarding your comment that boundless expression would not imply
       that we would be physically growing.. I have to ask you: where are
       you going to store all your ever-expanding abilities and memories?
       At some point your physical size will start expanding just in order
       to keep up with your mental storage needs. (this assuming you get
       uploaded into a digital system) At some point you might need a
       Jupiter sized storage system just for all your stuff.

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