Re: Coem back Bannie!! (WasGardening is Extropian (was)

Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 13:22:39 MDT

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> What it seems to come down to is: do you think extropianism is what
> is defined by Max with his principles, or do you think what really
> matters is each person's own definition?

SIince the most important part of Max's philosophy to me is individuality and
self-change, I think it would be sad if people followed it, rather than
forging with it as a tool, taking each individual into new terrains.

Since individuality is what *drew* me to the philosophy, I balk at any
attempt to get others to follow. I personally don't care what you think -
call me little or big E - but I rankle when people try to tell me what
activities are extropian or not .

Anyway, I liek that the principles are being questioned, and that people are
talking about this stuff
I started the whole thing for one reason: Why would you tell a sweet person
like Bonnie, who is new, and learning, and expressing herself, that she
should LURK?

Hey, thats like saying she isn't welcome to post here until she "does some
more homework".

Queen Watchdog.

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