And you guys thought those organ stealing stories were urban legends...

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 09:14:37 MDT

This a true story posted on Netscapes news website:

Body Shipped Home Without Vital Organs

LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) - Argentina has been asked to explain why the body of
a Bolivian man was returned to his family without his kidneys, corneas, heart or
 acting Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Messmer said on Wednesday.

Miguel Quispe, 22, died in a traffic accident on May 11 in San Salvador de
 Argentina, some 110 miles south of the Bolivian border.

 An autopsy done on Tuesday in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where the body was
returned to Quispe's family, revealed his organs had been removed.
 Messmer spoke to reporters after the Assembly for Human Rights announced it
plans to file a complaint about Quispe before the Inter-American Commission for
Human Rights.

The Bolivian Consulate in San Salvador de Jujuy initially issued a statement
 the organs had been legally removed but later said it had asked for a detailed
 explanation, Messmer said.

  Freddy Hurtado, vice president of the Assembly for Human Rights, told
reporters he
wanted information to prove that Quispe ``was brain dead and was euthanized
 being artificially kept alive for the organ harvest'' in Pablo Soria Hospital
in San
 Salvador de Jujuy.

 An Argentine judge who authorized the procedure ``abusively applied a law meant
 for Argentines to a Bolivian citizen,'' he said.

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So folks, watch out what country you get run over in....


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