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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 22:42:35 MDT

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>I had a few more minutes.....
>Large company stocks 10.7% per year
>Small company stocks 12.6% per year
>Long-term corporate bonds 5.6% per year
>U.S treasury bills 3.7% per year

It's worth adding that the return to U.S. stocks over the last 20 years has
been significantly higher than since 1926. I don't have the figure handy,
but I believe it averages out to about 18% per year.

The really interesting question is what can we expect for the next 10-20
years? Warren Buffett has gone on record as saying that we should expect
lower than average returns over the coming years. I suspect that he may
turn out to be wrong, though it's tough standing up against an investor
with such an excellent record (until recently). However, I really don't
think he appreciates the transition our economy is going through. The
Internet has barely begun to transform business. For a large collection of
material on aspects of the New Economy, New Economy Commerce, New Economy
Business Models, etc., take a look at those topic at (a
business technology site that I'm working on as a consultant with the
owner--who is also an extropian).


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