martian eating contest

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 22:09:37 MDT

> Zero Powers wrote: I weigh >3 times as much as my son, and he eats
> ~80% as much as I do. Now I understand why my dad always said he'd rather
> clothe me than feed me.

Zero, I was recently defeated in an eating contest by an 8 yr old boy who
wasnt even trying. This leads me to propose the following eating contest,
a switch from the traditional hotdog quaffing competitions at the local
4th of July picnic.

In this contest, one would see how *little* one can eat. One would
select 10 kg of food and water, and see how long one can survive,
but theres a catch. It isnt just seeing how long one can fast, for one
must also maintain ones mass. For instance, if a contestant weighs
in at 70 kg, then the game is over when the combined weight of the
contestant and any remaining food and water falls to 70 kg from the
original 80 kg total.

This particular eating contest would not be harmful to the contestants
bodies, like the more traditional eating contests. There would be no
particular advantage to total fasting, or in overstuffing the stomach before
the contest, if you think about it. However I can think of a strategy
that might help: to clean out the system beforehand with laxatives and
enemas etc, then choose high cal lo fiber food.

I think I could go 5 to 8 days on 10 kg of food and water. If we
were to hold such a competition, we would actually generate data
useful for planning a Mars mission. Whaddya think? Has this been
done before? spike

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