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> Sean Kenny writes:
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> > I see complaints like this on the list continually, surely if as
> > Transhumanists we wish to be at the bleeding edge we should
> accept and try
> d00d, you can have the bleeding edge all for yourself (I'd rather
> stick to cutting edge, i.e. the _standard_ plain ASCII. And, yeah,
> it's called _standard_ for a reason).
> Uh, you're aware that I can crash your MS OS with a malformed tag?
> That I can imbed malicious scripting into my mail? That I can track
> when you read the message, provided you're online, and nuke you with a
> script in realtime?
> > to accomodate all emerging forms of communication technology.
> I'd quite like
> > a voice/video mail list with text summaries to enhance my
> extropian learning
> Need streaming multimedia? No prob. Just imbed your URI like
> Or, use some entirely different media. A mailing list is a mailing list.
> > experience (and see what you all look like). Harking back to 'pure text
> > only' seems a little conservative/entropic.
> No, it's safe/sane in relation to system securety. And system securety
> is very extropian, as those who don't have it, will soon enough find out.

Ouch, that will teach me to get stoned and post badly thought out ideas.
Still, a lot of the threats you state are possible even on this list, and I
take precautions accordingly. Why do you think a more multimedia list would
have any more malicious or foolish subscribers.

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