META:RE: Black Holes

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 14:56:51 MDT

Sean Kenny writes:
> [Non-member submission]
> I see complaints like this on the list continually, surely if as
> Transhumanists we wish to be at the bleeding edge we should accept and try

d00d, you can have the bleeding edge all for yourself (I'd rather
stick to cutting edge, i.e. the _standard_ plain ASCII. And, yeah,
it's called _standard_ for a reason).

Uh, you're aware that I can crash your MS OS with a malformed tag?
That I can imbed malicious scripting into my mail? That I can track
when you read the message, provided you're online, and nuke you with a
script in realtime?

> to accomodate all emerging forms of communication technology. I'd quite like
> a voice/video mail list with text summaries to enhance my extropian learning

Need streaming multimedia? No prob. Just imbed your URI like

Or, use some entirely different media. A mailing list is a mailing list.

> experience (and see what you all look like). Harking back to 'pure text
> only' seems a little conservative/entropic.

No, it's safe/sane in relation to system securety. And system securety
is very extropian, as those who don't have it, will soon enough find out.

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