Re: what if microsoft disobeyed the breakup?

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 23:39:36 MDT

It appears as if Billy Brown <> wrote:
|A dictatorship implies an organization capable of resorting to violence to
|enforce its will. Corproations do not have this ability. There are no IBM
|secret police arresting their rival's customers, no Microsoft assassins
|eliminating key enemy personnel, and no armies of Dell and Compaq
|infantrymen clashing to secure the buying public's dollars.

Just as I can much ignore the funny laws of the borganism United States,
you can ignore the funny laws of any corporation you don't work for.
But inside a borganism, you have to adhere to their rules or its members
will make your life problematic. Inside a State, they can even kill you.
Inside a corporation, you can be expelled, or they can sue you for breaking
their contract.

In locations where one corporation becomes the main employer, to be expelled
can become a mighty threat. Yes, you can respond with the "US - Like it or
leave it.", but I don't consider that an argument, really. :-/

|The only thing companies can do now that they couldn't do in a pure
|anarcho-capitalist society is bribe politicians to pass laws - and lobbying
|for protectionist legislation is one of the few things I haven't heard
|Microsoft accused of.

Yes, in a _pure_ one. We don't discuss that here, do we? As I pointed out,
anarcho-capitalism works _less_ well outside an anacho-capitalistic
society. And I cannot se any such around anywhere at the moment. So...

So how to create an anarcho-capitalistic society? Suggestions, please.

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