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Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 22:59:30 MDT

At 09:56 PM 6/7/00 -0400, Brian wrote:

>You would think any real extropian would love to hear ways to increase
>their "personal extropy". Why aren't we having discussions on the list
>about how to be more extropian? We have sublists such as the investing-
>node where people can discuss strategies, but in general the people
>on this list seem remarkably unwilling to publicly discuss or ask for
>advice on ways they might improve themselves.

You raise an important point, Brian, but I tend to shy away from putting
logos on people's consciousness. We are far too complex of creatures to
label what is and what is not with absolute rules and guidelines, even when
it seems reasonable to do so. Oftentimes contradictions help to propel a
person's desire for change. I cannot exclude a person because of one or
more characteristics that are not completely extropian. In fact, I welcome
even the slightest chance of extropy in a person and encourage that growth.
 Why not? Perfection is not all that historical myths have built it up to
be and frequently welds into static holding patterns -- inertia.

To answer your question, there is a long history of posts pertaining to
exactly what you are asking: ways to improve one's extropy in her or his
personal life, and I'd like to see more of it myself.

I don't think people are unwilling to discuss or ask for advice in many
areas, but perhaps it is a bit more difficult to publically ask for advice
when a person is experiencing a personal problem and would prefer not to go
public with it. There have been times when someone has used the list for
emotional exploitation of personal problems which has been uncomfortable
to many. There has also been times when someone reached out for help with
family and this was received very well. Recently a person made a call to
action to help a friend and this was handled beautifully. There have been
many posts about smart drugs, diet, books to read, exercise, memory
enhancement, and infertility and sexuality. I suppose that Eli would think
that his numerous posts on the Singularity have been helpful to many who
have concern about superintelligent machines. Also, posts about
creativity, the arts and perceptions are frequently posted on this list.
Productive and positive use of this list in dealing with desires to develop
more extropy in life I believe is welcome, not recoiled. Perhaps many
people have read the articles and essays on Extropy Institute's Web site
and other extropian sites pertaining to self-transformation and are doing
their personal growth work privately, but this shouldn't preclude any
public questions for improvement. I like asking for help.


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