Re: extropian sociality (was RE: Confronting The Singularity Conference)

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 17:54:59 MDT

At 07:52 PM 3/06/00 -0700, Fred C. Moulton wrote:

>I can not speak for all bay area extropians but personally a lot of my time
>and energy for the past 6 months has been consumed by my job. [...] I
think that a
>lot of other bay area extropians are in a similar situation. Plus some were
>resting up for the Foresight conference or actually working on making it

Fair enough, Fred. Sorry if I miffed anyone with my original post. Of
course people have their own fish to fry. I guess the reason Aussie sf fans
(a group I'm more personally familiar with) spontaneously shower
international visitors with attention is that we see far fewer of them,
living at the arse-end of the world as we do, and anyway we're a shiftless
lot without much ambition. Hey myte, chuck another shrimp on the barbee.

But seriously--

Nah, who can be serious when they've got the flu?

Damien [reeling off into the distance]

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