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>Zero Powers wrote:

> > Actually the fundie line is that that was a different "dispensation".
> > the death and resurrection of Christ, we are now in the dispensation of
> > "grace" and those old rules that are *really* hard to live by don't
> > count anymore. Granted there is nothing in the text of the scripture
> > sanctions this, but come on we can't go around stoning our kids for
> > insubordination in this day and age, now can we?
>So what about the fun stuff in the new testament? You've got the
>anti-witch stuff, of course, so I'd like to know what the proper way is
>to 'suffer not a witch to live'? Do I crucify her (a Roman method
>reserved for political enemies and traitors) or burn her, or what?

Actually that's old testament. The new testament is a lot more touchy-feely
than all that.

>there are the anti-capitalist bits, like when Christ rampaged against
>the merchants in the temple (rather reminiscent of the degree to which
>the names of all the new sports stadiums are sporting corporate names,
>eh? Sports is the national religion, right? Notre Dame and all..)

That wasn't so much anti-capitalist, as separation of church and capitalism.
  The thing he was pissed about was the fact that they were doing business
*on* temple property during a holy day.

>you've also got the part where Jesus tells his followers to sell their
>clothes and go naked in order to buy a sword. So S&M is ok with God?

He didn't tell them to go naked. If that was part of the scripture I might
not have left the faith :)

>Then there's the part of 'giving to ceasar what belongs to ceasar'. God
>fearing people shouldn't bitch about paying their taxes then.

That is what Christ is reported to have said and, as far as I know, its
still part of Christian teaching.

>So the
>question is, how much belongs to ceasar?

That, I believe, is up to Ceasar.


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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