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>Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 23:26:15 GMT>I
>>wanted to do a coffee-table book of close-up photos of these beautiful
>>molds. The variety of colors and patterns is astounding. Now that I have
>>digital camera, my dream can come true, although instead of a paper book
>>will have to be an e-book. I think I'll call the web site "Frigidaire
>I hope you're serious. This is a good idea. David Lynch (the film director)
>is also a painted, and a lot of his work features natural items in various
>states of decay. He incorporated either a dead bird or dead rat into one of
>his paintings, it was stuck to the canvas by paint. I had a bruise on my
>once which stayed for several weeks, and changed colors, displaying
>beautiful yellows and purples. I considered the idea of photographing it
>each day, but never got around to it.
>I do not remember the artist's name, but there was one guy who was inspired
>to be a painter when he first saw a medical book of throat diseases. He
>thought the colors of the various pustules were the most beautiful he'd

I just know that you folks would "LOVE" the movie "Little Murders," with
Elliot Gould.
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