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From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 20:50:06 MDT writes:

> Aha! So we Biotify the solar system and then much of the rest of the milky
> way galaxy, so that maybe life (brain-life) evolves?

Exactly. What I want is more diversity - brain-life would be a nice
bonus, but I would be happy if we could get just a few biospheres as
strange as the Earth's.

> As far as Gerard O'neil goes, Freeman Dyson had a point when he
> noted that it would be easier to simply inhabit the asteroids and
> comets by hollowing the insides of these places and then set them
> a-spinning to create a centifugal force to imitate gravity.

One problem is that asteroids seem to be more like piles of rubble
than solid blocks, they might not survive being spun up. One
possibility is to cover them with a mesh to keep everything in place
and excavate anyway, or adapt to life in microgravity.

> Planet Mercury would as Sir Arthur C. Clarke noted in Rendevouz
> with Rama, that "with Mercury, the lack of minerals, for humanity,
> could be fore-stalled a thousand years".

Which makes it ideal for testing out a technobiosphere. Unfortunately
I think Robert wants it too for some of his Matrioshka brains... :-)

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