Mechnical dehumidifier concept. Trying to dodge all that noise and waste.

From: Eirikur Hallgrimsson (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 18:29:05 MDT

Summer approaches. I'm having the annual "There must be a better
way!" argument with myself about maintaining a reasonable shirtsleeve
environment. I hate using lots of electricity to power motors to
drive compressors to do things that really should just be a fabric
hanging in the window. And my extant solution requires that the
whole shebang be duplicated, just for one room.

How about a nano approach using mechanical filters? H2O vapor is
significantly larger as a molecule than the gasses that I want to be
breathing. Surely some kind of filter material, and a fan (I'm a
huge fan of the silent electrostatic air movers) and
something that scavenged the distilled water so that it doesn't
re-evaporate. Actually, I don't even want to bother condensing it,
let's just route it back outside. So, we come down to a window-unit
with a sort of a prismatic air-splitter and a Zenion accelerator. It
doesn't even sound expensive.

I want to set up a dehumidifier, but the only ones that I know of use
appalling amounts of energy and then require me to pump that waste
energy back out of the building via AC. I'd even like to have one in
my music studio, but the studio is a serious BTU hazard as it is.
In winter, opening a window is really nice in that room.

I happen to like the central AC in this building, as it is very
quiet and thus non-disruptive of thinking and quiet music, but it is
architecturally non-dehumidifiying, and not powerful enough to
overcome the waste heat of a dehumidifier on top of my lifestyle.

My evil, evil, thought for the day is running the dehumidifier with
the hot air output piped to the stove hood stovepipe (which goes up
five floors into the open air).


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