Re: Zen? Atheist? Is there such an animal?

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 13:32:17 MDT

>>> I just read an email from you on the Extropian mailing list about Mother
>>> Teresa. You said that you're a Zen Budhist and a staunch athiest?? Those
>>> two aren't contradictory? I admit that I know much of nothing about Zen
>>> Budhism. Can you give me a bit of enlightenment?

I practiced Zen for a while at the Mountain View Center, and I'm as
radical an atheist as they get. Zen evolved as "Buddhism" mainly
because that was the cultural background in which it arose; if it had
started in Europe, no doubt it would have been a branch of Christianity
or Judaism instead. But Zen itself is pretty reductionist and doesn't
spend a lot of time on silly ideas like God. Even many non-Zen Buddhist
religions don't explicitly have "gods" in the way we normally think of
them, although most Buddhists have adopted the cultural background of
Hiduism that has many. There's a lot of overlap, much the same as the
way Christianity ends up celebrating Pagan rituals with new names.

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