Re: Politics of Eugenics and Neural Implants PYSCHOLOGY: Anger (was ART

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 21:47:49 MDT

> wrote: I've heard too many people saying they want
> telescopic eyes, steel lobster claws, 6 foot wings, silicon skin, and talons...

Telescopic eyes? Coooool. Microscopic too I hope. Lobster claws?
Naaah but Ill take a pair of chimpanzee feet. 6 foot wings? Wouldnt
support a human for flight. Silicon skin? Nah, but I'd take a pair of silicon

> but it still should be feared on some levels. For instance, can
> our economical system survive a huge influx of super geniuses?

Yes. It would be the best thing that ever happened to our system.

> Super athletes? Super musicians and artists?

Sure bring em on.

> Might this throw us so out of balance
> as to make everything in place topple? )

So topple the place. Im waaaay with this scene.

> I like mankind's flaws and foibles.

You are free to keep them. I want to become foibleless.

> I like our physical limitations, for they
> cause us to think, to get smarter.

I wnat to get smarter without physical limitations.

> To build technology! I like abberations
> and diversity.

I do too. I suggest more of it.

> biotechnology, especially in terms of longevity, but I do not look at it as
> ridding all of humanity of inferiority.

Anyone is free to be inferior. Everyone gets exactly what they want.

> I think people should choose what
> upgrades thay want - or none!.

Me too.

> For example if we want to be short and puny,
> we should be!

I can think of several advantages to being short and puny. Better
for missions to Mars, among other things. spike

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