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    (BYW, the appropriate response to Nazis is fear -- and eugenics today is
not quite the same as it was when Hitler's crew forsaw a future of allsame
aryan superior beings. We extropians are hardly looking liek we'll be
conforming to same standards, I've heard too many people saying they want
telescopic eyes, steel lobster claws, 6 foot wings, silicon skin, and
talons... but it still should be feared on some levels. For instance, can
our economical system survive a huge influx of super geniuses? Super
athletes? Super musicians and artists? Might this throw us so out of balance
as to make everything in place topple? )

> An outsider could be forgiven for thinking that Extropians are in some
> way similar to the Nazi party. We strive to eradicate the genetic crap
> is inherent in mankind. We are trying to produce a super race of near
> perfect
> humans
Hm... speak for yourself. I am not into creating any kind of, certainly not
an uber-race!! I would rather eradicate the whole notion of race. Already I
hate the conformity that runs rampant on this planet. If I had the option, I
would alter THAT genetic piece -- the one that makes us think in terms of
race, first order of the day!!!!!

I like mankind's flaws and foibles. I like our physical limitations, for they
cause us to think, to get smarter. To build technology! I like abberations
and diversity.
Sure, I'd like to go forward to improving on my self with the help of
biotechnology, especially in terms of longevity, but I do not look at it as
ridding all of humanity of inferiority. I think people should choose what
upgrades thay want - or none!. For example if we want to be short and puny,
we should be! Especially if Horse Jockeying is our game... If we want to be
made MORE inferior by todays standards (like having our skin unable to
withstand light since we will live indoors all our lives) then that also
should be available, no?

> Who will decide which people will live forever ?. Do we let a Peadophile
> murderer live forever ?. Do we "Re-educate/brainwash them" or patch their
> wetware to conform to OUR model of an exceptable transhuman. Or do we
> gas them ?.

If you mean us, on this list :

Of course it is not within "our" jurisdiction to overpower others and make
them do anything. However, biotech will probably not make people immortal -
unable to die- so if governtment sponsored capitol punishment (uncivilized
behavior IMO) survives, then executions will still take place, even if you've
been coded to live longer. Perhaps some form of painless brain implants will
solve some violent criminal behavior, but a lot of ethical questions will
arise from such treatments, if they disable him/her or change them in any way
that makes them unrecognizable as themselves.

(Not sure what pedophiles have to do with this, but psychology is already
trying to find medications and treatments for criminal compulsions. The
problem is they aren't terribly effective - it's hard to get them to take the
medications once released.)

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