Re: ART: What Art Is

Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 17:34:45 MDT

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> The Sun kisses the land in a really sweet way. The limestone rock on
> the local Alpilles mountains is so white that it blinds your eyes.
> The blue sky is _really blue_, and the white swirley clouds contrast
> sharply against the sky. The olive trees are wonderfully crooked,
> giving an appearance of ancient sages that observe everything and
> saying nothing. The fragrance of lilacs permeated everything. The
> greens and lavenders and oranges and reds of the herbs and wild flowers
> are chaotic and wild and alive. And the overall golden veil of yellow
> on the landscape would make you feel warm, even if it was freezing
> cold outside.

    Now that is what I call art. What you have just described envokes more of
a responce from me than any of his paintings.


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