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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 17:06:16 MDT

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> I wonder why folks (not only here) pay so much attention to defining
> and critiquing art?
> My (admittedly uneducated-in-formal-art-matters) perspective about
> art is that:
> * someone's art has value if they succeed in creating a concrete
> manifestation of something that "moves" them
> * that person's art has an even higher value if that other person's
> art succeeds in moving _me_

Well, Amara

First of all, fun to talk about art forms! It inspires, intrigues and
It's useful to take as much of it away with you as you can! It is intersting.
What makes somethign of value to you, specifically? Talking about it shares
it with the others who percieve it, and perhpas they percieve it quite
differently and you can shed some light on it!!! Especially if you are
knowledgeable about it's origins, or it's genre or performers...

I agree with you that for the purposes of creating one's own art it is not
useful to critique it as you go... that would be horribly stifling! But once
it's finished, it's good to look back objectively and see what's what!!

On a larger scale:
Setting certain standards for art, films, etc., is a tough thing, since so
much is open for debate, but it is a useful thing!! : )

It gives us a wider plateau from which to view upcoming art forms. It gives
us terms and symbols and guides. Simply saying it's crappy may hold truth for
you, but it doesn't let anyone else know what elements you found unlikeable,
or even if you *found* it unlikeable. I like LOTs of crappy things, myself ;
) Like Bruce Willis films!

To be able to break down a piece of music, for example, and say what parts
were harmonious, which ones were out of time, who the bassist was, which
melodies were derivative of something else... it helps others to know where
things are going, and what to listen for.. it's communication about some of
the most beautiful things we can encounter in our lives...
...honestly ...if you love music's fun!

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