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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:46:22 MDT

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> You apparently have a *much* better control over your emotions than I do.
> can tell myself that anger is pointless, but that won't abate my anger if
> am angry. Not only is Hitler dead, he died decades before I was born.
> I cannot help feeling anger toward anyone who could victimize innocent
> humans the way he did. The fact that he is dead has absolutely no bearing
> on how I feel toward him.

I am not saying by the way that you SHOULDN'T feel anger BTW. Just wondering
what good it does.

No, it's not about control. It's about expressing my feelings. It's my
nature. I am an "expression" oriented person. Keeping my anger inside doesn't
suit me. To be angry at a dead person means I am really just "experiencing"
anger, not expressing it.
Just as you "cannot help" your anger, I "cannot help" knowing that he was
long dead, but he gained that much power anyway due to political climatees,
and wondering what weird and twisted environment made such a creature. He was
clearly the biggest asshole that walked the earth since Vlad the Impaler (are
you mad at him too?...

That doesn't mean I don't feel all those other feelings (sickened, shocked,
horrified, appalled and distressed) when I think about his victims.

Unless I was to rage outwardly to others ( who do not deserve it) about
Hitler, where would I put this anger? Well, I suppose it would have to stay
inside. Which would only harm *me*, by raising my blood pressure, or making
me cry or pound some other outlet. So I am not controlled, just expression

I "couldn't help" expressing anger at someone who *likes* Hitler's ideas
TODAY, so I'd probably go ballistic on you if you said you were trying to
convert me to the Aryan Nation ... or the Religious Right-wing party....

No, anyone who knows me will tell you I don't have specific control over my
emotions.. I have feelings like waterfalls... maybe just a more cultivated
sense of how to best express them... since I use them so much. I literally
practice emotion. I love feelings, hell I am an artist, they are my palette
as much as my paints.

Emotions as I see them -- are useful. Perhaps there is some use for being you
angry at Hitler? ; )


Zero, if I found myself confronted with inner rage at somethign I could not
change, I might do some artwork about it or write a play.... Again..
expression is key for my development... maybe not yours though... I'm not
saying you are wrong.. just explaining my brain.

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