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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 18:37:01 MDT

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> I "couldn't help" expressing anger at someone who *likes* Hitler's ideas
> TODAY, so I'd probably go ballistic on you if you said you were trying to
> convert me to the Aryan Nation ... or the Religious Right-wing party....

    An outsider could be forgiven for thinking that Extropians are in some
way similar to the Nazi party. We strive to eradicate the genetic crap which
is inherent in mankind. We are trying to produce a super race of near perfect
humans and to most people we probably look like a bunch of elitists mentally
masterbating over woes of the world and preaching about how WE will make it
better for everyone.
    Of course this couldn't be further from the truth as they would soon see
if they read the Extropian Principals.
    It does scare me a bit when I think about the ramifications of what we
might achieve.
Who will decide which people will live forever ?. Do we let a Peadophile
murderer live forever ?. Do we "Re-educate/brainwash them" or patch their
wetware to conform to OUR model of an exceptable transhuman. Or do we just
gas them ?.

    If I am uploaded with a nice shiny exoskeleton, will my more logical
brain decide that eradication of unusefull humans is the correct choice for
the long term big picture ?.
    I surely hope not.


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